Good News in Bad Times

Thanks to Good News, I can Laugh at My Troubles

 There are somethings in nature that just cannot be explained. But in the midst of all the unexplainable contrast we see in Nature, I’ve come to make a wonderful discovery.
 When I make a decision to sacrifice something in the present, to take care of the future, it sometimes seems risky, foolish, and overtly dangerous. Last year October, I and a couple of friends decided to go into a joint venture, we were to pool together our resources to cover the expense of this little business. This is despite the fact that none of us had any experience setting up or running a business, but we all shared the passion.
 Between October 2011 and today, we’ve raised and spent more than we thought any of us could possibly imagine. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we have still not completed the setting up of this business, and this has put a big financial burden on Me, as I happen to be at the center of this activity.
 Thanks to this set back, the last three months for me has been a big nightmare, as I’m faced with uncertainties everyday, as well as frustration, anger, disappointment and despair. But I never regret any action I take, so I just wake up everyday put down the cares of the previous day, and continue with my daily life.
 But the month of April was filled with pleasant surprises for me, as I was privileged to have more reasons to smile, On the first day of the month, A very close friend of mine, (more like my sister than a friend) had a beautiful baby girl. This filled me with Joy and Gladness, as this proved to be a very good tiding, in the midst of a trying time. Then in the middle of the month, another friend of mine had a wonderful baby boy, making me happier, and giving me more reason to continue with my struggle, and making me more of a happy man.
 Every morning, I wake up to this gloomy world, and remember this beautiful children, and my face is lit with a great smile, as I realize that there is a silver lining at the end of every cloudy sky.
 To everyone out there who is going through difficult times,  just take a few minutes to look around you, and I’m sure you’ll find a reason to smile, it might seem like a very little or silly reason, but just enjoy that moment and smile, because “Tough times don’t last, but Tough people do”.
 God bless and strengthen You.