God Is Love & The Light – Common × Erykah Badu × William Murphy (Song Of The Day)

God is love and His love, dwells continuously in us. As discouraging as what we see around us might be, as much as we might sometimes be pushed by our trials to doubt in His existence, as much as the dark times seem overwhelming, God is love
You never know what the person next to you is going through. You don’t know how their faith is being tried, but it is up to you to always let God’s love and His light radiate from you on to others. 
You should live your life in such a way that wherever you step into, people can sense the presence of God, and whenever you step out, people look around and wish you were still around. 
Common, Erykah Badu and William Murphy do a great job of reminding us to never lose sight of God’s Love and God’s Light. It is up to you to be a representation and manifestation of this. 
May His love and Light ever be present with us.