Give Me This Mountain! Or Not – Josh Journal

On some days, I can relate with how Caleb felt when he told Joshua (not actually me), “give me this mountain”.
On those days, I wake up extra strong. Ready to face any challenge. A hundred ideas running through my mind at once.

If I pick up my phone or get in front of a computer to type in that frame of mind, nothing is impossible.
I can type out a hundred pages of fresh write-ups at a stretch. It is like the fountain of inspiration is open and the strength to write down the vision or imagination is available.

On such days, my mountains are not enough for me to conquer. I am almost tempted to go to others and ask them “what exactly is your problem? Give me this mountain…”
And if you share your burdens with me at such instances, they are guaranteed to be conquered.

I love when I’m in this mood. It is the peak of creativity. I’d like to say it’s overwhelming, but that won’t be true.
Instead, it is a pleasure. I find happiness in creating. This is my moment of exhilaration.

On other days, it is the opposite. I am in no mood to face a molehill, talk less of a mountain.
The ideas come in drips and drops, while the strength is none existent.

This year has been filled with many of such days. Repeatedly, I have asked myself, why exactly am I writing today?
Will anyone bother reading? No one I know of is keeping track of my challenge to write this journal, every day of this year. So why not skip today?

On such days, I don’t feel like seeing my mountains at all. Where am I then supposed to get the strength to surmount them?
If anyone comes offering me an extra mountain to climb then, I’m almost tempted to tell them, “carry your mountain commot for here”.

It is funny that the prophet who called down fire also asked God to take his life.
And the Son of God, after experiencing the Mount of Transfiguration still told the Father, “if it be possible, let this cup pass from me:”

As long as we are humans, we won’t always be a hundred percent in our element.
One of my good friends would say, “it is only those who are alive that get tired.”
Fatigue, exhaustion, and disinterest are all part of being human.

The most important thing is to not quit in that low moment. As long as you can hold on, then you would eventually cycle back to a high point.
The journey may not be pleasant, but it would eventually be worth it.

On our days of weakness, two of the things that would drive us are the vision of our end result and the memories of our high points.
This is why you should never allow your days of strength to be wasted on trivialities.

On days when you feel like climbing every mountain, make sure you climb the steepest and highest ones. Tackle your toughest task when you are strongest.
The memories of those moments will drive you on days when you feel unable to go on.

I pray your days of weakness be few and far between. I pray you get the strength for the vision God has placed in your heart. And if you are yet to get your vision, I pray God reveals his plans for you to you.
At the moment when you are able, tell the world, “give me this mountain”, and conquer every one of them.
May our best days not be wasted.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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