Getting My Finance In Order – Josh Journal

Growing up, I understood at an early age the importance of finance. I read all the self-help and finance management books I could find. Many of the principles I learned are still stuck with me today.
From “rich dad poor dad” to “how to incorporate yourself for profit”, I read it all.

Everything I learned from these books can be summarized into, earn, save, invest.
The second lesson is to earn more than you spend. And finally, look for alternative streams of income.

In all of these, no one talked about inflation. Or how an economic depression can ruin the earning ability of a whole generation.
No one mentioned how the biggest determining factor for wealth is being born into it. They also forgot to mention that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And how it is a quick way to die.

The rising population rate was not factored into competition for jobs or business. It was only measured into the buying power and the willing market.
No one told us that we can’t get promoted until the person above us resigns, retires, or dies. Most times, irrespective of how intelligent or hardworking you are.

A big part that was ignored was nepotism and connection. The one promotion that eventually opens up after five years gets filled by the son or daughter of the owner. Or a child of their friend.
This is before we get to work culture and office politics. How you could be denied a promotion or pay rise because you don’t genuflect when you say good morning. Or you don’t say good morning loud enough. Or they don’t just like your face.

Save twenty percent of all you earn. Pay yourself first before you pay others. Think about the long term rather than the short term.
But what about those whose take-home pay cannot take them home? What happens when the economy of the nation is laughing at my personal finance? What should I do when I can tell that despite my knowledge gap, I know more about financial planning than the minister of finance? Or budgeting and planning?

All these years later, I can’t say my self-education on finance has been a waste.
My income never got to the level to be planned with. Ten years of national economic achievement is about to be wiped out. I think the president and his ministers are in need of financial and economic education, and not me.

Since I now know that there isn’t much I can do regarding my finances until either I earn more or the economy gets better, I have decided to focus on what is within my power.
I must get my finance in order.

All I have right now is just enough to be arranged. And I will arrange it.
My money will literally be in order. Right side up. From the cleanest to the filthiest. Or from the smallest to be the largest denomination. Or just maybe sequentially.

At least, if we can’t practicalize what we’ve learned philosophically, we can do it aesthetically.
Find your joy where you can. For me, it seems to be in my ability to make my little money look good. I’ll take that. If I can’t sort out my finance, at least, I can arrange my money.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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