From Parriolodo To Foodie – Josh Journal

One of the greatest achievements of this generation is how they have succeeded in rebranding a lot of things. Chief among this is the rise of the foodie.
How foodie has gone from being shunned to being applauded needs to be studied by sociologists.

Growing up, one of the biggest critiques you could receive was to be deemed a parriolodo.
An olodo was a measure for food in the market. In my estimation, it should be ⅛ of a typical bag of beans or garri. A parriolodo is someone who is adjudged to have the capacity to be able to finish such a measure of food in one seating.

I don’t know if anyone ever attempted or succeeded in doing that, but I can’t bet against it.
A parriolodo doesn’t necessarily need to have finished such. They only need to show the requisite potential to do it.

The parriolodo was not necessarily a “longer-throat”. A longer throat is interested in having a taste, bite, or gulp of whatever you are eating.
A longer-throat can be a parriolodo, but a parriolodo is not necessarily a longer-throat.

As I got older though, the parriolodo started getting rebranded. First, they were deemed to have a large appetite.
Having a large appetite and eating everything eatable are two different things, but the foodies successfully merged them.

Next, thanks to the adaption of social media, parriolodos began to find their tribes.
Discovering how large they were and the power they possessed, they successfully destigmatized themselves. But the Yoruba language is one that doesn’t evolve where and when you want it to. It does so at its own pace.

It is why we might destigmatize bastard, but not omoale; hoe, but not ashewo; gossip, but not gbeborun; lout, tout, and gangster, but not agbero and omoita.
This is why the parriolodo rebranded as foodie. Go on any social media today and people are proud to identify as a foodie.
Who have you seen declared themselves to be parriolodo?

This is not an attempt to stigmatize any foodie out there. Keep flying your flag. Just make sure you only eat what you can afford before someone insults you as a parriolodo.
As for the way ojukokoro has been rebranded as cravings, we will visit that some other day.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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