From Awww To Eyah – Josh Journal

Life is so good when you are the center of attention; for positive reasons.
You feel on top of the world as people say awww, wow, cute, good, great, as you or your work is gazed on.
At that moment, everything is perfect. The colors are brighter and the music sounds melodic.

We often forget that life is in cycles though.
That awww moment can change to an eyah moment in the twinkle of an eye.
Eyah is a phrase Nigerians use to express pity, sympathy, and concern.
Going from awww to eyah means things have really gone sour.

Humans are fickle. The same people who cheered as you were on the ascendancy would jeer and boo as you come crashing.
Those on social media are glad to turn you into a meme if the opportunity arises.
Their attention span is little, but when it rests on you for the wrong reason, there are few things worse.

In your awww moment, don’t hoard the glory. Share the spotlight with everyone who made a contribution. No matter how small the contribution or contributor is.
If an eyah moment ever rolls by, these will be the people that will stand by you and for you.

Also, when others are going through the grinder, be kind to them.
If you are always the one calling for the guillotine when others fall from grace, then you dare not fall from grace.
You can be certain that if you ever do, there will be many volunteers and spectators at your execution.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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