Fortune favors the bold (IDIOMS AND PROVERBS)

Fortune favors the bold. What favors the timid? Misfortune? Destruction? Penury? Lack? Or fortune also?
Nigerians are generally a bold collection of people. Any assembly of people, irrespective of the number of people there, if there is or are Nigerians there, they easily make themselves known, try to dominate proceedings or at least, ensure you’ll never forget your encounter with them.
But what happens when it comes to politics and policy? Nigerians generally are either not bold or can’t be bothered about it. The smartest as well as the most honest and hard-working people in Nigeria have got a phobia for everything related to getting involved in governance.
We generally believe politics is a “dirty game”, filled with greedy, evil people and we don’t want to get “stained” or loose our “virtues” by getting involved with them.
Meanwhile, since the “worst” of us are the only ones willing to get their hands dirty in the muddy waters of Nigerian politics, every year we come back to complain about having to choose from the best of two evils.
Fortune favors the bold. A few intelligent and passionate people are running for various offices in this election. If you have not been bold enough to run for office or join a political office, the least you can do is support those who have summoned the boldness to do so.
Cast your vote for people you genuinely believe in. Fortune does favor the bold. Fortune also favors the wise voters.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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