Forgiveness VS Revenge

 Since time immemorial, it has been man’s nature to offend his fellow man, this he does by word of mouth, or by action. But the question has always been after the offense, what next…..

 Are you supposed to let the culprit/offender go scot free, or do you avenge his actions? This is a question that has bewildered humanity since the beginning of time.

 Our reaction to this offense is affected by a lot of circumstances, like what is the gravity of the offense? where did it happen? who were those present there? Who committed the offense? and many other factors.

 Deciding to revenge most times seems the right and logical thing to do, you feel if I don’t exert my revenge, people will see me as a weak person, and others will want to treat me in the same manner this offender did. But if I revenge his acts, people will accept that I’m a tough guy, and they”ll stay out of my way, they’ll never want to cross paths with me.
 The only problem is this, your revenge might lead to other chain reactions, leading to a back and forth exchange of offenses and revenges. Whereras, forgiving the offender will make him respect you, he’ll see you in a new light, as the bigger fellow, who can put past incidents behind him and forge intp the future.
 Sometimes, someone offends us unkowingly, and it never crosses his mind to apologise, as he’s not aware of your reaction or view to his action, and you are plotting to revenge on him.
 It is actually more profitable to forgive an offender than to exert revenge on him, cos in most instances, it takes and cost nothing  to forgive, while you’ll actually spend time and mental capacity, (and sometimes even money) to plot out a revenge.
 When you forgive someone, your heart carries less burden, and you can focus you mental as well as physical and finacial capacity into other profitable ventures.
 In most cases, it will do you more good than loss or hurt to Forgive, than to Revenge.
Remember a line of the “The Lord’s Prayer” which says….
“And forgive us our sins; for we also forgive every one that is indebted to us. ” Luke 11 : 24