Forgiven, But Trying To Forget (Sincerely Yours)

They said, “to err is human, to forgive is divine.” But what about to forget?
Some say to forget is to be stupid, others say it is to be wise; some say it is the beginning of healing, others say it is like applying a band-aid on a festering sore. And whenever you remember, it is like ripping up the band-aid, the pain starts afresh.

I have been hurt time and again. I use to be one who never forgives. By some miracle, I learned to forgive. The issue now is forgetting.
Sometimes I meet someone who hurt me real bad and the memory rushes back. I know I have forgiven them. Sometimes without them asking, sometimes without their knowledge, either way, I just can’t forget.

Can I learn to forget? Is it even necessary for me to forget? Do I gain or lose by forgetting? After all, I have forgiven.
But then, have I truly forgiven if I cannot forget?

The sad part is my pains are trivial compared to what others have gone through. From being duped to abuse, rape, loss of a loved one, denial of favours, rights and privileges.
How can these people forget?
I sometimes wonder how did they even forgive?

There are levels to this grace we talk about. I have witnessed things that would leave the victim messed up, but they emerge stronger, wearing their survivor’s badge with pride, and moving on with life.
How do they do it?

A famous man once said, “may our loyalty not be tested.”
I can’t help but say this, may our grace, our forgiving spirit, and our ability to forget, never be tested.
With great hesitancy, if I absolutely have to, I will at best end on this note, forgive but never forget. That is the best way you can learn lessons from life incidents while preventing recurrences.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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