Familiar And Unfamiliar Friendship – Josh Journal

Every friendship is born out of familiarity. Spending time together and getting to know each other better, is likely to take us from strangers to friends.
But what about a friendship that is guaranteed to never be productive or beneficial?

I first got inspired to write about this a long time ago, but events overtook that. Seeing a meme today, I couldn’t end the day without broaching the subject.
As much as I want to ease into this topic, there is no alternate way to get into it.

Some people are only friends because the “demons” in charge of their “cases” are best of friends. I don’t know if that is the definition of “familiar spirit”, but it is close enough for me.
I am not trying to play with shock value, but honestly, how else are we to describe some people’s relationships?

You see two people or more who have no business being together, yet they are inseparable.
They don’t have anything in common, they spend more time in conflict than harmony, yet nothing can come between them.
How do you explain that?

People who struggle to find something meaningful to talk about. In years of friendship, every benefit has been superficial.
Everyone can tell they are not good for each other. They are polar opposites or are headed in different directions. Yet they are hell-bent on dragging one another around.

If you look around, there is a possibility you know someone or a few people who are in a friendship like that.
Some of them go on to date. The most dangerous and life-wrecking ones are such relationships that end up in marriage.

Imagine a married couple that has no shared interest. That do not enjoy each other’s company. They always need a visitor to be around.
A couple that cannot spend an hour in discussion, because they will always run out of topics to talk about.

Now upgrade that to a couple that one of them knows they don’t love their spouse. Or worse still, everyone that knows them knows that there is no love between them. Or only one party is in love.
That you can tell that their union is a product of desperation, convenience, lust, and greed.

How do you think people find themselves in such friendship, relationship, or marriage?
Again, I believe this often happens when the demons placed in charge of such souls happen to be best of friends.
Since the demons want to spend time together, their subjects end up spending time together. Time spent together results in familiarity, which leads to friendship.

I am not asking you to believe me, I am asking you to take a critical look at every “good-for-nothing” friendship pairing you know of.
After looking at everyone else’s friendships and relationships, turn the spotlight on yours.
You will be surprised by what you will find.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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