Everything Is Funny. (Eventually) – Josh Journal

No matter how bad or serious things are, I tend to find the funny in it.
This is annoying for some people. For others, they have come to the conclusion that I am either unserious or immature.

In reality though, I understand and appreciate the gravity of every situation. But then, if you reassess it, there is always something funny about it.
The problem for others is that I reassess the situation way too early.

While they want to be sombre and mourn over spilt milk, I have cleaned the floor and I’m laughing at the way the person slipped before spilling the milk.
Is it my fault for learning from the situation, accepting my fate, finding the funny, then moving on?

There is a saying that he that laughs last laughs best. That saying has been updated to he that laughs last was the slowest in getting the joke.
The truth is people have no problem with laughing, until the joke is at their expense.

When things happen to you, you want people to sympathize with you, rather than laugh at you. But what happened when whatever happens to you is irresistibly funny?
I can laugh at you while telling you sorry. Feeling for you doesn’t make your mishap any less funny.

The most I can do is wait for an appropriate time before doubling over in laughter.
If you had been warned before embarking on your misadventure, then you can be guaranteed that I will be laughing at you as soon as possible.

Whatever you are going through, don’t let the situation overwhelm you. It might seem too sad right now, but one day, you will look back and laugh at the situation, laugh at your reaction, and laugh at yourself as well.
When you eventually find the funny, don’t hold back. Laugh at yourself. It is healthy for you.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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