Everybody, Carry Your Head – Josh Journal

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Yet the head must consider itself luckier than the neck.
No matter how heavy the head is, the neck must carry it. The head has the option of taking off a heavy crown. The neck does not enjoy that privilege.

What is my fascination with heads today?
Repeatedly, I am coming in contact with people who clearly, or should I say supposedly, need a lot of help.
There is just a tiny problem though, they are not ready to be helped.

It is like some people are addicted to their problems. For others, it seems their problem is now an essential part of their identity.
Despite that you are offering everything it takes to fix their problem, they are not only reluctant to accept your help, in some cases, but they also want to pick a quarrel with you for trying to resolve their issues.

I don’t know about other states in Nigeria or other countries. But in Lagos, I have repeatedly witnessed someone beg for money or food.
The beggar is then offered a job, an opportunity to earn more money or food than they begged for.

You would be surprised to learn that the beggar would not only turn down the offer but pick offense with the person trying to help.
Those who have lived in Lagos will not be surprised though. Apparently, the beggar can make more from begging than from working.

Personally, I have seen opportunities to make a situation better. I offer my time, or advice, or expertise, and I use to be surprised when I was turned down.
When I realized that some people are more interested in getting the glory and accolade for fixing a problem, than actually fixing the problem, my mindset changed.

You can’t cry more than the bereaved. So also, you can’t know where the shoe pinches if it is not on your feet.
You can’t complain about how someone has chosen to carry their head. If they prefer to cut it and hold it in their hands, it is their choice.

The person that prefers it on their shoulder also has the freedom to do so. And as for the person who chooses to kick it down the road like a ball, maybe they like the thrill of the chase.
However people have chosen to carry their heads, after offering them your advice, all you are allowed to say is, “well done”.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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