Dr. Aproko Baby – Josh Journal

One of my biggest fascination in life is studying people and understanding them. Having to do this with a baby is even more special.
You get to notice patterns and uniqueness. You notice similar traits they share with their parents. And you also watch them change or double down on some habits as they get older.

You can imagine how happy I get each time a close friend has a baby. This is one more chance to observe.
Thankfully, I don’t just come to your house and stare. I am always happy to help out. Especially with carrying babies.

Carrying babies is something I’ve enjoyed doing for as far back as I can remember. The fact that babies seem to enjoy being carried by me is a bonus.
No fuss, no noise, no crying, they just relax. I have even considered holding a masterclass for guys that can’t carry babies.

There is a form of satisfaction that comes with having a baby peaceably rest in your hands.
It is unexplainable. And once you experience it, you’ll always crave it.

Some jealous people have attributed the sense of comfort baby feel around me to the fact that I use a “supposed” baby cream.
Try am if e easy na. Use baby cream and then carry a baby and see if it works for you.

One of my favorite babies in the world surprised me the last time I went visiting.
She was sleepy, and her minder was carrying her. After she fell asleep, her minder kept carrying her.

In my opinion, a baby falling asleep is your cue to rest. I told her to lay down the baby, but she said the baby tends to wake up if dropped.
With my over twenty years of experience in baby care, I helped her place the baby to sleep comfortably.

We continued what we were doing and about forty-five minutes later, the baby woke up.
A baby waking up shouldn’t be headline news, but there was something different about how this girl woke up though.

She literally just opened her eyes and got up. No yawning, no stretching, no groggy feeling. Her eyes opened and in the next second, she was off the bed.
Her pace wasn’t off in any way. It was like she had been up for hours. I have never witnessed anyone, old or young, do this before.

I was so shocked, I had to ask everyone around if this was her usual routine. They all confirmed that this was normal with her.
I almost got jealous. I know how long it takes for me to “boot” each time I wake up. This would have made my relationship with mornings very different.

They had extra information for me. They said her first action upon waking up was usually to take a large drink of water.
Before I could process this information, I watched her grab her water bottle and drink to her fill.

All that came to my mind at that point was that Aproko Doctor would be very proud of this baby. He has been advising everyone to drink water. Especially after they wake up. And here is my baby girl doing exactly that.
I know how impossible it has been for me to cultivate the same habit. Maybe I can learn from her.

On second thought, maybe this baby is on Twitter. Maybe she follows Aproko Doctor. And maybe she is actually following his advice.
Whatever the case, I am proud of her, I love her, and I wish her a happy first birthday.

My beautifully awesome Baby Heav-Heav, continue being a piece of heaven on earth. In a world of regulars, you will be the spectacular, the extraordinary, the outstanding, the embodiment of God’s extravagant grace.
The world awaits your awesomeness.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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