Do You Really Need Toothpaste? – RHETORICS

When are we going to agree that the English language is in urgent need of an upgrade, repairs, and makeover?
Are you doubting me? Should I begin with the toothpaste question?

Firstly, do you know the difference between a tooth and teeth? Do you know how teachers will insist you use the right one each time you were referring to them?
Now that you are grown, how weird is it each time someone refers to teeth as tooth? What about feet as foot?

Now, what do you use to brush your teeth? A toothbrush and toothpaste right? But does that make sense? Have you really thought about it?
Shouldn’t toothbrush be used for one tooth? And shouldn’t that apply to toothpaste too?
If we have insisted on calling multiple tooth teeth, then shouldn’t we maintain consistency in naming their caring tools?

Logically, if the plural of tooth is teeth, and toothpaste is for all the teeth, shouldn’t the almighty toothpaste be a teethpaste?
As for toothbrush, shouldn’t that be a teethbrush?

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