“Do You Love Me?” – RHETORICS

From movies to real life, one question I am yet to understand people ever having to ask is “do you love me?”
Really? Why do you have to ask? Why? And whatever my response is will you believe me? If I answer in the affirmative only after you asked, would that satisfy your curiosity?

Seriously though, why you gotta ask? I thought love is an action word? Isn’t it better shown than said? If it were better shown, wouldn’t you have known before I said it?
Or are you the one that chose to be blind to all the signs and actions pointing to the fact that I love you?

What if I answer with a yes, would you then believe me? Would my saying it actually make it true?
And if I do not love you, am I permitted to say no? Would your pride and ego take that response? Wouldn’t you break down? Won’t you feel offended?

Or do you ask this question to force me to love you? Is it to make me confront my feelings? Or is it to push me to the walls?
I can tell if you love me or not, why can’t you also tell? Or are you lacking in emotional intelligence?

This matter has left me exhausted. What happens if I opt not to answer your question? Would you leave with the belief that I love you? Or would you leave here in tears claiming that I hate you?
Let’s take a step back. Why are you even asking this question? What response were you expecting from me? Are you in love with me?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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