Do Not Off Your Mic – YMCMPP

We at the Young Money Cash Money People’s Party come to you with one promise, we will never order you to off the mic.

YMCMPP believes it is the inalienable right of Nigerian to be heard. Be you a whistleblower, a testifier or a Complainer-General, your voice is your power.

We promise that our cabinet members will not rob the nation blind. And when they do, as much as possible, we will try to sort it out behind closed doors.
Why would we wash our dirty linens in public? Do we even still have linens? Haven’t someone “colonized” it? Don’t worry. We will look into it.

YMCMPP promises to never be a source of disgrace to Nigeria. Especially to None-Nigerians. Yes, we can laugh at ourselves. That is one of the few perks of being a Nigerian. No one else is allowed that privilege.

To avoid a situation where we might be tempted to ask you to off the mic, our audio engineers have been trained for a time like this.
As you begin to wander into “off your mic” territory, you might notice that your microphone has gone mute. Don’t worry.
At least, we kept our promise. We never asked you to off the mic.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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