Did You Miss Me? – RHETORICS

It was supposed to be just a short trip, but for that which I sought, I had to go the full distance, did you miss me?
I went in pursuit of my dream, so I could get the money to fund your dreams to the fullest, was my absence noticed?
It was lonely out there, the nights were cold and the days were cloudy, I missed you a whole lot, was the feeling mutual?
I worked my hands to the bones, sweated to my brows, even shed a tear or two, please tell me, did you miss me?
I missed your company, your voice on the phone made me miss you even more, your picture was my daily motivation, can you tell me it wasn’t all for nothing?

Out there, I heard stories. Of wives giving up on their men. I saw men lose their wits, when they heard their love had lost love for them. Can you tell me my fate ain’t like theirs?
You were the fairest of them all, the one every man desired, when you said yes, it was a dream come true, have my dream turned into my worst nightmare?
Night after night, I fought temptations, the ladies were there, the money was there, but my lady I miss, was it all in vain?
I wasn’t here, he was here, you had needs, he was here, you could have waited, he was here, can you tell me you choose to wait?
It was for you, for us I had to go. Our future, I wanted it to be filled with gold. Just a few nights, to brave the cold. Did you choose right?
I was laughed at. I was called a fool for believing you were waiting. Someone even paid for me to have a go. He still misses his money, but I told the Miss she wasn’t my Mrs. Can I tell them they were wrong?
Yes. I stayed long. Yes. I missed you. Yes. I am back to never leave again. Yes. We are set for life. I need to know though, did you miss me? Did you wait for me? Or am I the new town fool?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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