Crazy World, Crazy Year.

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 It’s a crazy world, that I realized long ago, It’s been a crazy year, and it promises to get even crazier. I have no idea where to begin, Last year was great, this year is already greater. Like my pastor said, this year is going to be the greatest year we “have ever” lived, and subsequent years will be even better.
 The Job has been good, business has been fair, I’m a month away from being 22 years old, and for the first time in my adult life, I’ll be spending my birthday being completely debt free. Now if you know where I’m coming from you’ll know that’s an awesome news.
 I already got my JAMB/UTME form, hopefully by this time next year I’ll be in school. I already traveled to Port-Harcourt, I’ve not traveled outside Lagos in over ten years, and I’m about to go on another trip. I already read about 3 books this year, I don’t think I read up to 3, other than novels in the last 3 years, Liverpool are likely to qualify for the Champions League, this time last year we were a mess, right now, mathematically, we might still win the League. My Aunt is happily married and has a son, this time last year, she was still single. My younger sister is going off to the University while my elder brother is through with his OND. My friends have got this endless list of good news for me every time we meet. I’m closer to God than I’ve ever been before.
 You might want to ask, why is he going on and on about himself, is he being conceited, proud, or showing off. The answer is no. I’m simply doing what the Song Writer said. Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One.
 It’s not like the year hasn’t had it’s challenges, but each time I look at the blessings, I just have to say “Thank You Lord”.
 I already look forward to meeting and working with lots of new and incredibly awesome people, I mean people I’ve spent the last couple of years studying and admiring from a distance, people like Chris Ihidero, Fola Folayan, Andre Blaze, Godwin Enakhena, and many others to name a few. (You guys should be cool with me, Just a dude with lots of passion and a really big dream.)
 For everyone who is hoping for better things and better times, I pray for God’s Grace and Favor upon everyone of Us.
 One thing I’m most thankful for this year is new friendships. Most Especially a “Special Someone” who I met on the Morning of the Last day of Last Year. It’s been a blessing knowing You, and I can say “I’ve found Peace”.
 I’ve chosen three Creeds to Live by this year, I hope you agree with me and even Join Me, as it might be a Life Changer for Us all.
 1. Remember the Sabbath Day to Keep it Holy, Remember Thy Hustle to Keep it Going.
 2. Study and Hustle Smarter, Not Harder.
 3. Don’t Loose who You are, Trying to be Who “They” Want.
May this year be a Year of endless Peace, Prosperity, Favor, Grace, Growth and Blessings for everyone of Us. (Amen.)