Constantly Abiding (From My Heart)

Constantly abiding in God’s word, in His grace, in His will, brings peace into our life that is incomparable.
A peace you can’t find elsewhere, that the world did not give, and it cannot take away.

One thing I have come to learn is that what the world gives, it can also take away. Wealth, a spouse, satisfaction, peace, you name it.
Just one government policy, and it all disappears. Someone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, and he is hell-bent on messing up everyone else’s day.

If you go seeking succour or refuge in the things of this world, it is guaranteed to end in tears.
We see people who seek peace and happiness in alcohol, drug, sex, food, relationships, gaming, fashion, news, current affairs and politics. All they seek is joy.

They end up with addiction and dependence issues. They’ll abuse these things until it no longer brings them the initial joy it used to give.
And at a point, they end up in a place, mentally lower than where they were when they started searching.
They are exhausted, they are drained.

Finding comfort in Christ is unlike anything you have ever experienced. The best part of it is that He has always sought you.
Handing yourself over to Him and trusting Him absolutely will be the best decision you have ever made.

The best way I can describe it is like walking through a hail of storm, knowing at the other end is paradise. Everything you ever dreamed and hoped for is at the other end of the storm.
And walking right beside you through the storm is the most awesome being ever. And He is the most experienced at calming storms.

He knows the right path to take through it. He knows exactly where you should put your legs so you don’t fall over. And He has this massive canopy over you to ensure you don’t get wet.
His persona is so pleasant, He has all the kind reassuring word. And He delights in making sure you are happy.

Imagine the smile, peace and confidence you’ll have in the knowledge that there is nothing to worry about.
That is what awaits you in Christ.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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Constantly Abiding Lyrics

Verse 1 :
There’s a peace in my heart that the world never gave,
A peace it cannot take away;
Tho’ the trials of life may surround like a cloud,
I’ve a peace that has come there to stay! 

Constantly abiding, Jesus is mine;
Constantly abiding, rapture divine;
He never leaves me lonely, whispers, O so kind:
“I will never leave thee,” Jesus is mine. 

Verse 2:
All the world seemed to sing of a Savior and King,
When peace sweetly came to my heart;
Troubles all fled away and my night turned to day,
Blessed Jesus, how glorious Thou art! (Refrain)

Verse 3 :
This treasure I have in a temple of clay,
While here on His footstool I roam:
But He’s coming to take me some glorious day,
Over there to my heavenly home! (Refrain)