Confident Incompetence – Josh Journal

One of the most baffling sights I am always bewildered to witness is that of someone operating with a swagger that can best be described as confident incompetence.
Watching someone who clearly has no idea what they are doing, seemingly take charge of a situation, and plunge it headfirst towards annihilation is always a sight I am glad to behold.

True enough, I’ll pity them if they get hurt or things turn disastrously bad. But if by the third and fourth attempts at correcting them, their level of confident incompetence is still overflowing, I can’t even stress myself.
My pity is reserved for more deserving folks.

How difficult is it to acknowledge ignorance? What do you stand to lose if you allow those who know better to take the lead?
The faster you jump to the front with your level of incompetence, the faster your confidence will be deflated and your ignorance, folly, and lack of capacity made public.

For those who even in the face of superior argument, logical reasoning, facts revealed, and being proved to be subpar, still insist on doing things their way, I can’t help laughing when their confident incompetence results in disgraceful failure.
Pride will always go before a fall. And most falls are always funny to witness.

If for the sake of civility, we decide to hold back our laughter at the time of the fall, you can be guaranteed that it would be multiplied when we eventually laugh as we revisit and reminisce on the mishap.
It doesn’t have to be your way or the highway. If there is a better way, then give way.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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