Child Abuse and Women Molesting.

I know it’s the start of a week-end, and everyone have activated their relaxation mode,  but while trying to pick a “Song For The Day”, I played a couple of songs, and then I listened to Luda Cris and Mary J. Blige’s Runaway Love.
That song just changed my day, it opened my eyes to an obvious fact, which most of us see everyday, but may of us have succeeded in silencing our conscience whenever it points this out to us.
Child Abuse and Women Molesting is now a common sight in our society, and many of us are doing nothing to stop it, we feel “if it does not affect me, then it does not concern me”. but this is wrong.
There is a saying that “evil triumphs if the good people do nothing about it”, and another one that says “Where you live should not decide if you live”. but this is becoming a norm in different part of the world.
As I listened to this song, (Runaway Love), I’m reminded of one of my literature text in secondary school, “The Joys Of Motherhood” written by “Buchi Emecheta”.
I am constantly witnessing violence against women and children, and worst of all, the Female Child. I call upon all government all around the world, willing NGOs, and every individual, to always lend his voice and support to anyone being victimized. You can also search for NGOs that render help to victims of abuse and molestation, and seek for ways you can be of help to them. Report all culprits to the police, and the police should not treat such cases with Levity.
To every woman, Lady, Child or Girl out there, who is a victim of violence and abuse, seek help, report to the nearest police station, as well as all relevant government agencies. Please, Seek for help, don’t loose your life to a heartless person who does not value you. And any woman who is in an abusive relationship should quit, no matter what you stand to gain or lose, it’s not worth you losing your beauty, body part, or even life for.
May God be your help and refuge, And may His grace be Sufficient for you. (Amen)