The candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.
As a Nigerian with an unreliable power source, I take a special interest in this proverb.

Literally, I cannot ascertain the veracity of this proverb. Growing up, we were not allowed to use candles as it was a fire hazard.
True to form, on one of the rare occasions we got to use it, we almost set the house ablaze.

After that incident, no one was allowed to as much as bring a candle into the house. So there was no means of even accidentally lighting one.
Till now, I’m more likely to sleep in darkness than light a candle.

Considering how much I’m a sucker for romantic movies, you can imagine how I’m screaming “fire hazard” in my head each time I see one in a movie.
Now multiply that by a hundred for those candle-lit dinner scenes. And a thousand times more for those scenes where someone proposes with lit candles and rose petals in the shape of love.

My fears aside, from what I understand, a candle’s wax determines how bright it will burn.
A soft wax candle will burn brighter than a hard wax candle. And true enough, it will burn faster too.
What exactly is my and your business with this? Especially since I don’t plan on lighting a candle anytime soon.

What we are most passionate about, we often get worn out by.
I have experienced this in every phase of my life. Sometimes, I end up giving up on that activity if I can’t picture a profit at the end of it.

Passion will only take you so far. In love, career, spirituality, hobby, anything else. Like a bright candle, you start out hot.
When things you didn’t sign up for, what I like to call “the fine prints”, starts to show up, then you start to have a rethink.

Should I keep doing this? Is it worth it? What will people think? Can I put this on hold and resume later? What if I can’t meet up later?
Will I regret this later? What if this is actually the key to my breakthrough? Is this even the will of God for me?

Your answer to these questions decides if you’ll continue, pause, or quit.
I don’t agree that you should never quit. I decide on a “per situation” basis.
Sometimes, it is the only way forward, other times, there is a need for perseverance. Most times though, the situation calls for restrategizing. Rethinking. Rejigging.

At the end of the day, it boils down to one thing. When the candle that burned bright burns out, is there an alternative light source?
What fuels you when passion runs out?

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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