Boring Routine, Working Routine – Josh Journal

The benefits of having a routine are such that many creatives are yet to understand. Looking at creatives around me, we tend to be disorganized, yet do not understand the correlation between being organized and being creative.
In a bid to act fast, we leave behind messes that in the future hamper our creation process.

As a writer, I am yet to experience writer’s block. Ideas are always flowing, but the execution is always where I hit a snaffle.
In my head, I could have mapped out my story, but then to pick up my pen, phone, or keyboard, that just seems impossible.

To counter this, I created a routine. My routine included writing before I sleep, and as soon as I wake up.
This year, depending on my topic for the journal or the other post for the day, that determines what I’ll write at night or in the morning.

My routine has helped ensure I did not miss out on any post. Despite how busy I got at work, how discouraged I got with my writing, or how overwhelming life got, I was still able to write.
If not for my routine, activities around me, and my reaction to some life events would have ensured I missed out on some posts.

Working with a routine works for me. There is the fact that I have always been hyper-organized. Some have posited that it is bordering on OCD, but I disagree with that.
Being dissatisfied with a messy table or hard drive, or work process is not equivalent to OCD. Rather, it is about optimization, time management, and prioritizing.

Due to the traffic rate and demands of clients, you might be unable to create a routine regarding time to work, but you can create one for your work process.
You might have to collaborate with others, thereby taking the control of some variables off your hands, but the more you bring under your control, the more you would be happy to get to work.

When you eventually find a routine that works for you, protect it. Don’t mess it up. It might get boring, but it works. It would be difficult to restart.
I have been a victim of sabotaging my own routines repeatedly, and I must confess, it takes a while to restore it.

Finding my mojo each time I throw it off balance is a major struggle. What worsens it for me is the fact that ideas keep flying around in my head, and I’m left struggling unhappily to get it down.
I hope with the end of these holidays, I am back to schedule.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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