Bombs In Orlu In 2021 (Alice In Naijaland)

How bad can situations have gotten for a civilian government to unleash military helicopters to drop bombs on its own civilian population?
Especially in peacetime?

If this was during wartime, this would count as a war crime. Since this isn’t wartime, the least we can do is call this what it truly is. A genocide and crime against humanity.
I would have likened this to having only hammer as a tool, so all our problems looking like nailheads. But this doesn’t apply here.

Nigeria is battling an active insurgency in the Northeast region of the country. The soldiers involved in that corridor have complained of insufficient armories. Including bombs.
Yet the government is unleashing the same bombs on its own population.

And the governor of the state can boldly, proudly, and “sanely” tell the press that he called in the armed forces to drop bombs on the people he is supposed to be governing.
Truly, there was a country.
Ten years ago, I would have struggled to believe this would ever be possible. Even during the military era, it never got this bad.

If a section of the country insists on succession, the government of the day would rather drop bombs on them than engage them in dialogue.
Meanwhile, every governor in another section of Nigeria is acting as a spokesman for bandits, insurgents, and terrorists.

Whoever Nigeria has offended to deserve this really needs to get their hands off Nigeria’s case. Else, there will be no more country to exact their revenge on.
Because this is looking beyond ordinary at every turn.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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