Blessing: Earthly Rags To Eternal Riches (Genesis 41:41-57) – JOSHUA’S NOTE

God’s will is revealed when we seek Him.
Don’t renege on your faith in God, even when an “expert” advises, encourages, recommends or states the obvious/fact/norm/standard is the contradiction of what you are trusting God for.
When you face a faith-test, are you able to trust God? Can you obey Him, even when it stretches your faith?
A Blessing follows each time we stand firm in God’s promise.
Choose God’s definition of Success.
To God, success means you must be willing to give up “everything” in order to gain what God has in store for you.
God’s plans for you are bigger, grander, and wilder than you could ever imagine.
A few clues from Joseph’s success secrets:

  • Never say, “God, this is what I want.” Instead, ask “God, what do you want?”
  • Never say, “God, I want . . .” Instead, always say “God, I will do your will.”
  • Never look for self-satisfaction. Instead, seek to satisfy God.
  • Never seek the approval of people. Instead, seek God’s approval.
  • Never measure success by how well things are going. Instead, measure success by a life centred in God’s will.
  • Never put your own needs first. Instead, always think of others first.
  • Never look to your own capabilities to solve a problem. Instead, rely fully on God’s power to lead you.
This is W. Joshua’s note from Chapter Eight of the book “Stand: Seeking The Way Of God” by Alex McFarland.
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