I don’t know how to begin this. I’m not one for eulogizing, I always run out of words as soon as I start. But today, I just have to do this.
Since I became responsible for my action, and could take my own decisions, I’ve never been lucky enough to keep a friend for five years. It was either my family changed residence, or I changed school, or the friend in question does one of the two. Sometimes, one of us meets a new friend and lose interest and connection with one another.
I do miss many of them, and hardly does a day goes-by without me remembering my friends I use to be very close to before. This would normally not pose a problem, but I do have a problem making new friends cause I’m kinda shy, so I try to hold close all my friends.
Today, my best-friend celebrates his birthday, and I’m very happy to have him as my best friend. I’ve known him for Seven Years, and we’ve been close friends for over four of those years (That’s a record for me.)
He has brought a lot of smiles to my face, inspired me to greater heights, helped me conquer my dis-trust in others, made more friendlier.Overall, he has made me a better me. I’ve never had a reason to regret knowing him (I hope I never do)
I see me and him doing more (conquering our fears and achieving success) together over the years.
My prayer for him on this special day in his life are endless, but I’ll write just a few of them.
I pray he: Achieve his dreams, lives up to his potential, Finds true love or find the courage to confront/ ask out one of the girls he told me he loves.
To One of the most handsome, intelligent, wise, smart, friendliest gentleman I’ve ever known,
Cheers Bro,
Happy Birthday Tobisco,
This is wishing you many more happy and fulfilling years ahead.
God bless you Bro.