Beer Muscles (Word For The Week)

Beer Muscles is an inflated notion of one’s strength, ego, or bravado due to excess consumption of alcohol.

Every festive season, I often see people go from having a good time to exchanging punches. I hope it is not the same this year, cos this virus can’t differentiate between friendly and unfriendly body contact.

You can imagine my shock whenever I see someone tiny in stature, who after a couple of drinks feel he can take on a gigantic looking fellow.
Imagine two close friends who have never had a cause to quarrel, suddenly exchanging words and on the verge of throwing down, just because they are getting inebriated.

The truth is alcohol does help people loosen up. It can make you enjoy an environment you would normally find “stiff” or uncomfortable.
At the same time, alcohol has an exaggerating effect. Everything seems louder and quieter, slower and faster, blurrier and clearer. Things just seem different, and inevitably, you’ll react differently to everything and everyone.

The funny thing is most people acknowledge beer muscles, the unfunny bit is it is not an excuse before the law, your boss, your spouse, or your friends.
Moderation is key. It could be the difference between you waking up with a hangover or a black eye.

Don’t let your quest for enjoyment, relaxation, inspiration, or social clout or capital, cost you something valuable this new year.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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