Beautifying Nigeria – YMCMPP

It has come to our attention at the YMCMPP that as much as Nigerians love the festive seasons, the government of Nigeria at all levels doesn’t catch the festive spirit. At all.
During the last Christmas celebration, we saw a lot of private individuals and institutions attempt to spread the Christmas and New Year cheer by decorating their buildings, while the government either didn’t bother, or where they did, they did the barest minimum.
For an optimistic and “suffering and smiling” nation like ours, this is unacceptable. Our people deserve something to smile about, especially after the kind of year they had gone through. Or does the government want to claim that it is the money for “Christmas Tree” and “Shine-Shine” that will make the Nation go bankrupt?
If you think enough is enough, vote YMCMPP when we eventually get ready to take over. We are more festive, cheerful and celebratory than any government you have ever had.
To spread the festive spirit, we promise not only to design every government building at Christmas time, but we will bring the festivities to your street, by designing every Power-line and Transformer with Christmas Decorations.
There may be no light, but there surely will be Christmas Cheer.
That is the Spirit of Naija.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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