Arsenal: Sadio Monday – YNWA

What comes after Sunday? Monday. What comes after Sadio Sunday? Sadio Monday.
After experiencing the thrill of Thiago Friday, Jota Saturday, and Sadio Sunday, Liverpool fans were looking forward to Monday night at Anfield, though a few were still skeptical since Arsenal were the opponents for the day.

Arsenal had defeated Liverpool in the second leg of this fixture last season. Some people believe that Liverpool having won the league at that time was irrelevant to Arsenal win. I still stand by my belief that the team was not as interested in winning the match, especially as the unbeaten run had already ended.

A lot of opposition fans genuinely believe that Arsenal could match Liverpool. I don’t blame them. They desperately need a team to be able to beat the Reds. What irks me is Liverpool fans believing that Arsenal’s recent form solidifies the fact that they can beat Liverpool. I thought Jurgen Klopp had turned all doubters into believers. Apparently, ending a thirty-year wait for the league just after winning the Champions League the previous season and being crowned World Champions six months earlier isn’t enough.

Sadio Monday started with rumors of Alisson and Thiago being unfit for the match. Thankfully, Alisson made the starting line up and will go on to deny Alexander Lacazette. Lacazette’s miss and Aubameyang’s anonymity brought to my mind Arsenal fans insistence that their attack is better than ours. These ninety minutes proved that posit to be laughable.

Sadio Mane started Sadio Monday a little too pumped up. His energy level was just a tiny bit over the top. But then, when is Sadio’s energy ever sub-par? He ended up fouling Hector Bellerine, then had to calm down after getting carded for a foul on Kieran Tierney.

Some would argue he should have been sent off. Keep arguing.
Andy Robertson would go on to miskick a ball, gifting Lacazette a scoring chance that he seized to put the Gunners ahead. Less than three minutes later, Sadio Monday was officially on as Mane grabbed an equalizer for Liverpool after a great run from Mohammed Salah.

Eight minutes after his slip up had propped Arsenal up, Robertson rectified his error and got Liverpool the lead after scoring a poacher’s goal that Bobby Firmino will only like better if it was a no-look goal.
And once again, Trent shows Robertson that if you are busy scoring, you can’t be racking up assists.

Some would say Arsenal opted to sit back and wait until the second half then push for an equalizer, and maybe a late win. I would say Liverpool had a fix for every attempt the Gunners made to come out of their box. They hardly got their goal kicks safely out of the eighteen-yard box.

Diogo Jota would come off the bench and score an Anfield debut goal for Liverpool. Something Sadio Mane and Mo Salah were the last to do for the Reds. If that isn’t a harbinger of a great Liverpool career, then what can be?

Now we can look forward to hosting Arsenal again on Thursday. I doubt if Sadio Thursday would follow Sadio Monday. However it goes though, I hope Thursday ends with Liverpool dominantly winning and ending the argument of Arsenal being a formidable opponent once and for all.

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