Are You Satisfied? – RHETORICS

You saw her, she was drop-dead gorgeous, her voice was like music to your ears, you were satisfied.
You tracked her movement, the way she walks was dazzling and intriguing, you wanted her to be yours.
You walked up to her, you gave her your fire lines, you were really poetic, alas, she was not satisfied.

You took your L in peace. After all, there are many fishes in the sea. If the mackerel won’t take your bait, maybe the salmon will.
You met up with your friend, you told him what occurred, and then he laughed at you, now you are offended.
He told you, how he gets any girl he wanted, and that real men never took no for an answer.

You went back to her, you had to take another shot, this time you came extra prepared.
Line upon line, promise after promise, King David and Solomon would have been impressed.
You rhyme and rhyme, you gesticulate and enunciate, she still wasn’t satisfied.

How dare she. Who does she think she is? Better girls than her for lines cheesier than this have tripped.
You went back to your friend. “That girl thinks too highly of herself” you proclaimed. This time he didn’t just laugh at you, you were ridiculed.
“How can a big boy like you, fail to scope a small girl like her?” He asked. “You will never hear the end of this,” he said.

He opened his phone, numbers upon numbers, chat after chat, to you he showed. And to prove his point, one or two nudes he proudly shared.
“There is no girl on this earth, no matter how pretty or high, that I cannot get” he emphatically proclaimed.
There and then, a pact was made. He’ll take his chance with her, and the receipt he planned with you to share.

To the plate, he stepped. His playbook, he deployed. For the fences, he planned to swing.
Right at his first attempt, a big NO! He got. Like this, he had never been disgraced.
Back to you, he came, with his tail between his legs. Apparently she isn’t even his spec.

But he has an idea this time. Girls like her must be taught a lesson, to bring her down a notch or two.
With the help of a nincompoop just like him. Y’all three were to corner her, and that thing she thinks is so precious, you will take by force.
And like the sons of Belial that y’all are, in less than five minutes all three of you had your way with her. And tears and curses from her lips on you were laid.

Now I’ve got a question for you, with the cowardice and fear you suppressed as you pinned her down, does that really make you a man?
All of your strength, and muscles that you garnered from the gym, is this the best use for them?
She was fighting and scratching, you even had a bruise where she cut you with her nail, were you really satisfied?

A woman who wasn’t willing, whose body was revulsed by yours, how is that any pleasure to you?
According to you, there are many “fishes” in the sea, why didn’t you just take your lines elsewhere?
And when the hands of justice, be it legal or the one we all brand “jungle” gets you, I hope indeed, you will be satisfied.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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