Are You Flying, Gliding, Or Soaring? – Josh Journal

Do you know that flying, gliding, and soaring is not exactly the same thing? Can you tell the difference between all three?
Does it even matter which is which? As long as you can get off the floor and take to the skies, does it matter if you are flying, gliding, or soaring?

The truth is most humans can’t tell the difference between all three. From a bumblebee to a cockroach, a bat, a hawk, a pigeon, and an eagle. All we know is that they fly.
The truth about each of these animals is not uniform though. How they take to the air is peculiar with each of them.

Your pursuit of success is similar. What you do might look alike to others, but if you come down to the basics, you can spot the difference.
Don’t let those who don’t understand what you are going through or where you are going to be the ones that plot your map.

It is easy to hear half a story and conclude that we know it in full. Don’t allow others to take the driving seat in your life.
Even if they are shareholders, they shouldn’t be voting or governing shareholders. Your choices affect you first and last. So let your choice actually be yours.

When people advise you, they do it based on their care, worries, experience, fears, and bias. The intricacies of what you are going through aren’t available to them though.
In the end, whether you fly or glide, to the untrained eye, it’s all the same. All that matters is that you get the result.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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