Are Aliens Racist? – RHETORICS

My earlier incursion into the literary world introduced me to aliens. I was not exactly the biggest fan of science fiction, but I did enjoy the occasional space exploration book.
The aliens visiting the earth books too weren’t bad.

It was majorly alien abduction stories that I wasn’t too impressed with. Be it the aliens doing the abduction, or being abducted.
I’d take an alien invasion book a hundred times before taking an abduction one.

While listening to a recent episode of the “stuff my momma told me podcast” recently, something was brought to my notice.
Firstly, why do the majority of alien encounters reported occur in the US?

There are seven continents and one hundred and ninety-five countries on the planet. Yet the aliens keep landing on only one country.
Should the remaining 194 countries be worried? Or is the USA the preferred landing ground for aliens?

My second question is a bit simpler than the first. Or maybe it isn’t.
Why does the overwhelming majority of alien abduction involve White people? Why don’t Black people get abducted by aliens? Are aliens racists?

If blacks constitute thirteen percent of the US population, then at least, five percent of alien abduction should involve blacks. The reality is a lot different though.
Are the aliens not interested in blacks, or are they scared of the blacks? Alternatively, have black folks learned how to evade the aliens?

More disturbing than blacks not being picked up by the aliens, is the fact that no Nigerian has recorded any of such encounters so far.
The Nigerian population in the USA is enough to have witnessed a noticeable amount of extraterrestrial activities. How come none is reported?

Nigerians are loud and proud of everything they are involved in. I don’t think any of them would be shy about their alien abduction. And if one has experienced it, news of it will travel very fast among the Nigerian community.
Considering how Nigerians are involved in every other aspect of US life and culture, if alien abduction is the only one they are missing from, how do you expect me to believe aliens are real?

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