Angel Felicia To The Rescue – Part 2 (The Women I Love)

Happening right before us, Senior Felicia was just attempting the most audacious rescue act in the history of our school.
Apparently, she had got wind of the punishment we latecomers were about to face.
Thanks to her quick thinking, she was going to try and rescue me out of this punishment.

First, she had come to collect my school bag from me, claiming it was hers and I had been slow in carrying out her assignment. second, she and her balls of steel had then walked up to Mr. Ojo to try to convince him that based on her argument, I shouldn’t be punished.
According to her, it was because of her official assignment as a prefect that she left home without her school bag. Based on that logic, I shouldn’t be punished for helping her pick her bag.

We latecomers were already on her knees about to start the torturous crawl when she intercepted Mr. Ojo. We couldn’t hear their conversation, but from her heroic dramatic, something unusual must be going on.
Mr. Ojo was insistent on being fair and meting out punishment to everyone. Senior Felicia wouldn’t take no for an answer. Soon enough, the teachers around had to interfere.

Many of them could see things from Senior Felicia’s perspective. I think the fact that she was a model student, always respectful and helpful, and one of the most recognizable faces in our school, and for only the right reasons too, I believe that helped her cause.
As strong-willed as Mr. Ojo was, he couldn’t turn down about ten teachers at this point and remain in their good books. I believe he still had his suspicions though.

Reluctantly, he asked Senior Felicia to come pick me out of the horde. Genuflecting, she quickly rushed to come pull me out.
As she came closer, I could see signs of tears at the side of her eyes. Senior Felicia had really pulled all the stops to try and rescue me. Wow!
If only these teachers knew it wasn’t real.

My friends’ jaws almost dropped to the floor when they realized I would walk scot-free. They knew they dare not expose me though. I would have done the same for them.
As we got close to Mr. Ojo and the teachers, Senior Felicia pushed me and asked me to go and thank them. Gladly, I did.

As soon as we were free, I didn’t know when I hugged Senior Felicia. I just couldn’t communicate my gratitude enough for this daring rescue she just pulled off.
Who else would have dared?

From the safety of my classroom, I watched the latecomers serve their punishment and get flogged. The weight of my rescue dawned on me again.
That could have been me. My knees would have been bruised from the crawling. I would have missed the first and second periods. And the pain in my hands would have made writing uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

When I finally reunited with my friends, they couldn’t stop marveling at how lucky I was to have someone like Senior Felicia looking out for me. It earned me cool points among them, and her balls of steel earned her godlike status among my friends, and possibly the rest of the students.

For a long time after this, late coming reduced drastically in our school. I myself didn’t come late for the rest of the term, except on few occasions.
The next year was a different story entirely.
I also needed to stay out of trouble for a while. I doubted if Senior Felicia would have been able to rescue me again if I got into one.

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