Angel Felicia To The Rescue – Part 1 (The Women I Love)

The week after our pretentious early coming to school, the greatest rescue incident in my schooling history happened.
After one week of every prefect and class captains being at their duty post thanks to Mr Ojo’s threat, students returned to their normal selves. It began on Monday.

I chose to come early, expecting things to still be prim and proper. You can imagine my shock when at the time the morning assembly began, less than a quarter of the students were around.
I peeped outside the window of my classroom and saw students casually stroll around. Those within the school premises didn’t bother joining the assembly.
I took that as my cue and stayed back in the classroom.

The next day, I didn’t bother coming early. Me and my friends reunited at the food stall we used to frequent before school and got back to normal.
It was the same for the rest of the week.
On Friday morning, as we strolled towards the school, we noticed that a lot of students were standing within the school compound, but just by the gate.
Something must be wrong.

We made our way into the school and we’re asked to join our colleagues. A band of prefects were in front of us, keeping us in place.
After a while, we heard the bell go off for the beginning of the first period. Students were beginning to get uneasy.

Out of the side of my eyes, I spotted Senior Felicia walking really fast. It was like she was in a hurry to somewhere. She was also spotting a frown on her face.
I have never seen her this pissed.
Pushing through the crowd of students, she made a beeline for me. Normally, the prefects keeping watch over us would have stopped her. But she was one of theirs.
She wasn’t just a senior, she was also a prefect.

I was stunned into silence when she snatched my school bag from me, loudly accusing me of being slow. She went ahead to thrash talk me for delaying to go bring her bag which she had sent me back home to bring since 7:30 AM.

According to her, she had left it behind because breakfast wasn’t ready yet. She had only sent me to pick it up for her after receiving a call from her mother.
I was shocked. When did this lying senior see me that she sent me to her house?
This wasn’t even her bag. Why exactly is she laying claims to my bag?

I tried repeatedly to interrupt her, but she shut me up really fast. When I tried to speak up, she gesticulated wildly, even coming close to giving me a slap.
I had to let go of my bag. Something must be up. I will get to the root of it as soon as they let us get out of this hot sun.

With my bag in hand, Senior Felicia walked majestically back into the school. Once again, the prefects parted ways for her and she walked right through.
Not long after, I spotted Mr Ojo, in the company of five other teachers, carrying multiple canes of different sizes in hand. They were walking towards us.

As soon as they were in front of us, we were asked to get on our knees. Next, Mr Ojo did his best impression of the godfather.
He accused us of not respecting him, the school, or constituted authority.
He promised to flog out the disrespect from us that day.

After two other teachers had spoken, we were instructed to crawl on our knees from the gate to the first block of classrooms.
There, the teachers would be awaiting us to mete out six strokes of cane to each of us.
We were done for. I hated being flogged. Who is going to rescue me from this?

As the teachers made to take to their position, I could make out Senior Felicia running towards them.
Before our eyes, she stopped in front of Me Ojo and got on her knees. She was pleading with him.
Due to the distance, we couldn’t hear their conversation, but we can just about make out what they were trying to say.

From his body language, we could tell that Mr Ojo was vehemently refusing to accede to whatever she was saying. Senior Felicia was persistent though.
Still on her knees, she held on to his legs and wouldn’t let him go. The five teachers came closer and after listening to her can soon be seen trying to prevail on him.

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