An Empty Head, And An Empty Mind.

Blank Mind

 Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling awkwardly lazy. My normal Self (or as I hope I am) is a hard working, creative minded person. But recently, the creative aspect has been functioning, but my body as been reluctant to complete the creative process.
 For over Five years now, I’ve always had about 20 to 50 different ideas at different stages on my mind. From conceptual, to processing, to outputting (writing, or recording). It has always been difficult for me to lay down whatever is on my mind, as ideas were just boundless, ever-developing, and getting better everyday.
 I had always managed to discipline myself to bring out whatever I might be working on, because if I didn’t bring out what I was working on mentally, I would find it difficult to work on other stuffs.
 But recently, things have just been crazy, I still conceptualize and nurture stuffs in my mind, but outputting these stuffs have virtually been impossible. And this is a very big problem for me, as my mind is constantly in a state of disorganization. If my mind was actually visible, it will look like a work-table where everything is messed up, and nothing is sort out. Or a one of those highly networked fiber-optic layer of multi-crossed cables, which are just spun into one another, and cannot be separated from each other.
 Simply put my mind is a mess, because my body is lazy. or should I say “The spirit is Willing, but the body is weak”. I actually wish there was a technology that I could just hook myself to, and it would just bring up everything in my mind, in a orderly manner that will be easily understandable.
 I hope I’ll get some of this stuff sorted out, discipline myself to work harder, and free up my mind, else my life could get real worse. (It actually affects my mood).
Or maybe if I get a