Am I Addicted To Love?

That Should be Me and My Miss in the Picture.

 Suddenly, everywhere I turn, I’m confronted with something that reminds me of Love (Not sex, please, there is a difference. We’ll talk on that later.)
 My old crushes are showing up everywhere I turn, Female friends I have are suddenly seeming more hotter, (or cooler, depending on which generation you belong to.) And I’m meeting new female friends who are not helping my plight at all.
 I literally use to close my eyes whenever I see a really cute couple, but in recent times, that has been impossible. As much as I’ll like to put an excuse to this, there is a fact that is impossible to ignore. I am getting older, (I actually turned 20 years old this year) and so are my friends. Thanks to my more developed mental capacity, physical attribute assessment and appreciation capacity, and most importantly, but also most dangerous of all is some hormone advancement. (I don’t know the name for this hormones, because I’m not much of a science guy.)
I’ve come to some conclusion, hoping this will help in alleviating my plight.
 Firstly, I’ll probably get a very soon. But there is a big challenge here. Thanks to the many beautiful, intelligent , mature, selfless, and motherly-hearted female friends I have, who I happen to be very close to, It is almost impossible for me to find a girl who can perfectly, or preferably, finely combine most of the positive attributes of my female friends. It is going to be very difficult, if not impossible for any girl to meet this high standard of perfection, which this girls have built in my mind. But then maybe I will meet a girl, who will make me just forget about all these standards and conditions altogether.
 Secondly, I might have to stop being friends with all my female friends, Maybe this will help me ignore more of my emotional need for companionship. But this might boomerang, as it might leave a bigger vacuum, making me an emotional wreck in the process, thereby hastening me to take a wrong decision of getting a girlfriend. In which case, I might end up getting the wrong girl.
 Thirdly, I will like to get married next year. I have told this to a couple of friends, and after listening to my argument, some have bought the idea, while others have out-rightly advised me against it. Which girl in her right mind will happen to marry a 21 year old guy, (I’ll be 21 years old next year), who doesn’t have a fortune to his name, (But he does have big ambitions), and is not even a university graduate yet. By my estimate, I will probably have to marry someone about three to five years older than I am, As most girls my age-mate still want to live their live, have fun, and be independent. What they want in a relationship is different from what I want. But if I’m lucky, I might just find a special “someone” who wants to begin to live her life with her “Soul-mate” early enough, to have th advantage of being “Pure, Innocent, or simply all the advantages of being a couple.”
 Actually, I’ll prefer if I find a girl who fits my “Dream-Girl Description”, I date her, and she gets along well with my friends (male and female) as well as my family. Then Next year, probably August, we get married, and “Live Happily Ever After”.