Agege Bread

Agege Bread

I don’t exactly eat much, (As I use to) but there’s one food I just can’t stop eating, BREAD.
Now, there are different types of breads, (and I’ve eaten most of them) but I can assure you, there is no bread comparable to Agege Bread.
Slice bread are delicious, but it does not have the ruggedness and filling ability of Agege-Bread, but even Agege Bread has it’s own categories.
If you live in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos state, (or you go through that place regularly and you are fortunate to have bought the right type of bread there) you’ll attest to this fact.
I don’t think there is any place in Nigeria where such amount of bread is produced and consumed on such a large scale, Bakeries are one of the largest employer of local labor in Iyana-Ipaja, and “almost” all of this bakeries are registered and pay tax, so they are money earners for the state government.
Thanks to Agege(Iyana-Ipaja) bread, a lot of young men and women are employed, from bakers, to mixers, to packagers, to marketers. And assuredly, over a thousand people in this community are employed by all these bakeries.

Nigerian Music Stars P-Square celebrate their Birthday with “Agege Bread”

If every place in Lagos state were to have their own slogan, Iyana-Ipaja own will be “Bread basket of the Nation”
I’ll love to use this medium to call on banks, NGO, state and federal government to consider ways of improving the “Bread Industry” in this place, as it could help in providing more employment, curbing youth restiveness, and keep a healthy economic life for a lot of people. They could do this by giving loans to bakers who are willing to expand their production capacity, and this could help the government in achieving their M.D.Gs.

President Goodluck Jonathan eating “Agege Bread” during a F.E.C meeting.

From the pictures above (pictures don’t lie) you can tell that Agege Bread has been to many places, stood shoulder to shoulder with other breads, endured the competition, and is loved (eaten) by all.
If you have not eaten it before (you definitely are not a Nigerian) or you are already missing the taste, while not grab one quick.
Finally, to everyone involved in producing this “National Masterpiece” which know no tribe and is accepted by all, I want to say “Agege Bread, Na him We Love.”