Accountability (Word For The Week)

Coming into the third week of this year, I had a topic in mind to resume blogging with. That was until a few hours before I started writing. Suddenly, the word ACCOUNTABILITY was stuck on my mind.
Accountability is defined as The state of being accountable. It can be described as being responsible, liable or answerable.
It is knowing your actions can be brought under scrutiny and you will be given plaudits or knocks commensurate to your actions.
In this age of “My Truth”, a lot of us live with a warped sense of reality, where we expect praise for everything we do right and no criticism for anything we do wrong. This insulates such people from progressing at the appropriate speed they should be.
Imagine a primary school pupil who only collects his notebook after every classwork or assignment and would never join the rest of the class in taking corrections for what he got wrong. He will surely keep learning new things, but not at the rate he should.
Last year, you might have made a couple of slip-ups. This year, you must have chosen to do better (if you choose otherwise, I don’t even know what to tell you). If indeed you choose to do better, then accountability is a very important part of doing better.
There should be people in your life whom you trust more than others. People you believe want the best for you and believe in you. It is time you put your relationship with them to better use. (If upon introspection, you realize you’ve got none or insufficient of such people in your life, then it is urgent time you begin to rethink your life choices.)
It is time you elevate such persons to being your accountability partner. An Accountability Partner is a fellow business professional who acts as a moderating influence and mentor.
In this case, this is someone you choose and who agrees to join you in your pursuit of a better you. Their job is to be your number one critique or personal judge.
You report yourself to them, explaining your actions or prospective actions and expect them to join you in weighing it properly and giving you an honest response.
Your Accountability Partner needs to be a knowledgeable and intelligent fellow, as well as being emotionally mature. It is not necessary they have got their life set perfectly, but it is advantageous if they are also on a quest to bettering their life too.
As much as 2019 is your year of Abundance, Greatness, Increase and lots more, personally, 2019 should be your year of Accountability too.
An important step to finding the Greatness in you is Accountability. To self, and to those who hold you dear.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator and Creative Writer.
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