Absolute Power And Absolute Happiness (The Women I Love)

They say power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I am a witness to this and Happiness was the culprit.

Henry, our class captain was more interested in being a big boy than being the class captain. Who could blame him? He had the looks and the swag to back it. He is one of those guys that if dropped in a body bag will make it fashionable.

All the girls liked Henry and all the guys wanted to be him. Maybe me too. The fact that he seemed to never run out of cash made him even more popular.
With Henry busy as the class’s unofficial poster boy, Happiness was practically the sole administrator of the class.

She was the one every teacher gave responsibility to and she executed them perfectly. She had absolute power, and it suited her to perfection.
Happiness walked with a chip on her shoulder and you had no option but to acknowledge it and fall in line. She was beautiful, intelligent, confident, powerful, and eloquent. And she knew it.

Not only did she know it, she was also unabashed about it. With no hesitation, she’ll flex her power because she knew its limits. No one dares challenge her because she was hardly ever wrong. To any observer, she was the epitome of perfection.

John her seatmate was as quiet as a churchmouse. He was kind of her deputy and as long as he did things to her liking, he got to enjoy some of the perks of her power.
Tobi never had to worry about Happiness abusing her power with him. She liked him and that ensured he would always be safe. He knew this and milked it occasionally.

Eric my second seatmate on the other hand was Happiness’s biggest nemesis. From the moment I realized I would be sharing this class with Happiness, I could have sworn I would have the unenviable honour of being her number one persona non grata.

Realizing that Eric had taken this office helped me relax a bit. Happiness enjoying absolute power ensured Eric life in the class was a living hell.
His name was either first or last on the noisemakers list. His assignments were mysteriously not submitted along with others. He was constantly marked as a latecomer on the attendance sheet.

I honestly cannot count how many undeserved punishments Eric suffered. In any other universe, I would have pleaded with Happiness on his behalf, but my history with her would not only make that counterproductive, but it would also leave me in the same boat with Him.

Eric at a point stopped talking with her altogether. He will come in through the back door, which was further from our seat than the front door, just to avoid her. Tobi helped him with the submission of his assignments too.

Truth is there was no fighting Happiness and her power. She was the absolute power in our case and we were all at her mercy.
Considering my history with Happiness, you can already guess what my fate in the class was.

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