A Warning Regarding A Red Rivalry – Josh Journal

It dawned on me today that for someone who supports Liverpool, I have too many friends supporting a team embroidered in a ferocious rivalry. Manchester United.
This is not right.

Especially considering the level of rivalry between both teams, and the fact that every one of these “my friends” takes this rivalry seriously.
They legit don’t want Liverpool doing well. Their happiness knows no bounds when we stumble. They are almost ready to throw a party when we fail.
This is not good at all.

For me, I don’t exactly like Manchester United, but I don’t take this rivalry personally.
If Liverpool wins, I’m great. When they lose, I’m fine. But whatever happens to Manchester United is none of my business.
Except when they play Liverpool. Then it is personal.

This season has been exceptionally brutal on Liverpool. It seems like in ending the thirty years wait for a league title, we troubled a hornet nest.
At this point, the amount of injuries is just mind-boggling.

Leicester City’s players have missed the second-most games via injury. Liverpool players who have missed the most games have actually missed twice as much as Leicester’s.
Twice. Two times more. Let me just let that go.

As for the officiating…
It is like every referee, their assistant, the fourth official, and the VAR unit have got something against Liverpool.
Like they have their own personal rivalry ongoing.

Decisions against Liverpool are taken so fast, you wonder why they bothered checking. And on the occasions when they take long, they are extremely long.
Just when you think they are about to decide in favor of Liverpool, they take one more look at the evidence and then decide against Liverpool.

The height of this ridiculousness was when an offside line was drawn inside of Daniel Armatey’s hand to justify Leicester’s goal.
There has been a lot of disappointing decisions, but that was just laughable.

Meanwhile, the joy that these Manchester United fans have found in Liverpool’s misfortune is just over the top.
I have friends with other teams that have had a rivalry with Liverpool in the past. Chelsea especially.

Even when they were having a good run of form, and Liverpool wasn’t, their mockery was still kinda limited.
With my Manchester United supporting friends, it is like Christmas never ended.
It is with this in mind that I have decided to be pickier in making new friends.
I cannot use my hand to be giving myself headache.

The moment me and you start to get close, I will have to ask you which club you support.
If you happen to be a Manchester United fan, then we cannot be friends. I will be kind enough to link you up with my other Manchester United supporting friends.
You cannot because of rivalry come and be pressing my neck.

In the meantime, as long as Liverpool finds a way to qualify for the next UEFA Champions League, then we should be fine.
And as for all you my friends that support Manchester United, for the rest of this season, warn yourselves.

By the way, just pray that you end up winning a trophy. Because this is not African Cup of Nations or Tennis Grand Slam.
There is no plaque or trophy for second place. And being a semi-finalist in four competitions doesn’t count as one trophy either.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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