A Time For Everything (Deputy Girlfriend)

On Sundays, Hannah comes to my place after church service and we spend time hanging out until evening.
This has been our practice since the early days of our relationship. This is our way of connecting and keeping up.

With Tomi as my house guest, I don’t know how this would work. I have made it a duty to ensure I don’t have guests when she is Hannah is coming around.
My friends are always interested in hanging out with Hannah. But I know their presence will reduce the amount of time I can spend with her.

On this one issue, I am selfish. With time limited, it is a struggle to create extra personal time after spending the little one we have with other friends.
My work schedule makes it impossible to spend time together during the week. I occasionally have to skip out on unnecessary jobs to spend time with Hannah.

I have considered giving Tomi some money to go out on Sunday. Having Tomi around during our personal time is one Hannah won’t find comfortable.
If only her boyfriend was in Lagos. Maybe I should hook her up with one of these guys that have been disturbing me for her number.

Either way, Hannah is coming over tomorrow.
What can I bribe Tomi with? A trip to the cinema might just be my saving grace.

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