A Thwarted Valentine Story – Josh Journal

Somewhere in the middle of this week, the spirit of Valentine was knocked out of me.
I had started strong, getting myself into the vibe, but the events at Obalende on Thursday, then Lekki on Saturday redirected my frame of mind.

I can’t help but wonder, if I was married and “La Babe” was expecting a romantic day, would I have disappointed today? Would she understand how I feel? Why I’m upset? And will she let it go?

For someone who understands and keeps abreast of the Nigerian polity, I have become more disenamoured and disenchanted with it lately. Especially since the last election.
I should quickly mention here, I think it is time to reschedule our election period. It is messing with Valentine too much.

Losing one out of every four Valentine’s day to political campaigns, rallies, or voting is starting to feel too much of a loss. Especially when the said election is unnecessarily electrified and aggravated.
From FeBuhari and making Jonathan our lover in 2015, words associated with love and valentine are being stolen by politicians.
I don’t want to be haunted by the picture of a thieving politician each time someone calls me “my love”.

Sometimes between March and April will be a better fit. Better yet, we can move it to late September and early October.
That time is already associated with nationhood and independence. Let us celebrate Valentine in peace.

To those who are still able to celebrate love today, happy Valentine’s day to you. For those still nursing their injuries from yesterday, take heart. And thank you for your struggle for a better Nigeria.

For all of us still single, in a relationship, or in an “it’s complicated-ship”, happy Valentine’s Day to us.
As for all those in their husbands, wives, or lovers’ arms, stop reading this. I have nothing for you. You know where to collect your own greetings.

Wilson Joshua is a Video Editor, Content Creator, and Creative Writer.
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