Is there a way to ensure that none of my thoughts, words or actions would ever be counted as sin? Is there a category of people who God overlooks their inadequacies? Does grace mean I would never be guilty of sin? Is it my mind that is playing a trick on me or am I a slave to my mindset?
These are questions that are proving to be quite divisive in Christendom today. Pastors, preachers, and teachers have left people more confused after giving their answers. What seems so simple to one is just unbelievably ridiculous to another.
Grace is supposed to be a “shortcut” in Christianity, assuring us of salvation and ensuring we are not struck dead instantaneously when we commit certain sins. (RIP to the sons of Aaron after the strange fire incident).
From Grace being a way to bring everyone into the salvation plan of God, it has evolved in modern Christianity and now it is the most controversial subject in Christianity.
Going back to the basics, the essence of salvation is to pardon past sins, in the process of conversion, the power to live above sin and not fall to temptations is given to the individual.
All of that is not a guarantee that the individual wouldn’t still commit a sin in the future. Here comes grace. In our last story, Grace had contravened her father’s directive, he was aware and had the power to forgive her but she couldn’t be aware if he had exercised that power unless she asks for his forgiveness.
I may be a slave to my mindset, (or have a slave’s mindset as some people would rather describe it). But then, in all of my study of the Bible, I am not aware of a point system whereby I would exhaust my chances of salvation by asking for pardon one time too many.
There is no extra sacrifice I have to make because I am repenting again and again. Neither can my salvation be revoked because I asked for pardon while already a saint.
Considering the massive contrast in the fortune of a sinner going to hell and a saint going to heaven at death, don’t you think it is safer to ask for forgiveness every time you have or “might” have committed a sin, rather than banking on “grace”? Isn’t it better to be sure of salvation cos of confession and repentance than loose heaven cos you were wrongfully risking your eternal life on grace?
Better safe than sorry, I will pick the old fashioned repentance over the “newly updated” grace any time.

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