A New Day, A New Year (The Women I Love)

After the last incident with Tinu (Which shall never be mentioned again), we didn’t see each other again until we finished our Junior School Leaving Examination. By the time the new school year began, one would think I would have forgotten about the incident, but no. It was seared into my brain.
Throughout the long holiday, I had spent countless hours thinking and ruminating on the event. I had come up with over a thousand ways I could have steered the conversation in order to have a different outcome. Truly, if wishes were horses…
I was among the last students to register for Senior Secondary School. The academic year was already about five weeks old when I eventually enrolled. It was a real struggle for the registration officer to fit me into a class.
After spending over ten minutes and still being unable to find a class for me, she asked one of her assistants to put me into a class, pending when she is able to rearrange the register and fix me in a class permanently.
Leaving home on that day, I had told my parents that I’ll be going into a science class, but on getting to school, at the last minute, I had changed my mind and registered as an art student.
Unbeknownst to me, an unusually large number of students from my year in Junior School had enrolled in the Art Department, thereby crowding the classes and causing a logjam in the administrative office.
The Administrative Assistant walked me to a class, she called on the class captain and told her that I was a new student and should be settled in.
This is the story of how I met Ruth.

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