A Little Imbalance × TREASURED JOURNAL

Sometime last week I wanted to have a wash in the bathroom and I needed to put on my slippers. I could only find one foot of the pair so I decided to put my foot in it while I walked around looking for the other one.

The slipper wasn’t high at all, just about half an inch in thickness. Yet, the feeling of imbalance as I walked in just one foot that I had found, made me feel like I had a fault in my legs.
As I searched, I imagined what it felt like to have one leg shorter than the other. ????

While I looked around, the light of understanding shone on my thoughts and as usual the Holy Spirit had something to teach me through this which I’ll share with you.

He whispered to me and said, “imbalance“. God was making me understand the importance of proper balance in all we do. A little shift or drop in the scale of balance would make one beveled in appearance.
Although the half an inch height of the slippers wasn’t noticeable by anyone, I knew I had lost my balance and it reflected in my walking steps.

This year we need to balance things up in our lives. We need to be aware of little lumps that can leaven the whole lump, little foxes that can destroy tender grapes, little things that seem like they don’t matter but actually are powerful enough to destroy one and take one off balance.

Most times we feel it’s the big things that really destroy. Actually, it is the small things that the devil uses. He makes you comfortable with that little imbalance, making you believe no one would notice the fault in how you look.

Truthfully nobody might notice you’ve fallen off balance but in your heart, you know you need that little half an inch touch to regain your balance again. Do not allow that little shift to lead to your downfall.

Don’t be comfortable with being beveled. Don’t be comfortable with being imbalanced no matter how minute it might seem. Strive for perfection, strive for balance, strive to be a better version of yourself. Study to keep being in- balance. Pray for God to keep you balanced. Do not be comfortable with that little shift! Pray, fight hard, search deeply within you until you become complete and whole again.

Be balanced!
Strive for perfection!
Strive to be the best of your kind!
A little shift can destroy you forever.
God bless you.

Mordi Comfort is a storyteller, creative writer, event host, and organizer. She uses stories to pass messages, to relate relevant life experiences, and to bring about positive changes in people’s lives.
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